Advance Engineered Products builds a number of of Dry Bulk Tank Trailer units in a range of sizes. Including:

  • Semi
  • Tridem Semi Trailers
  • B-Trains
  • Super B-Trains
  • Pups

All of Advance’s trailers are engineered for the toughest conditions and include designs, manufacturing techniques, materials and components that work to produce trailers for the tough conditions our customers operate in.

  • Designs built and tested with customers for over 30 years
  • Tough Durable Designs
  • Ease of Operation and Service: Side mounted extruded aluminum wiring harness for ease of access and trouble shooting
  • Service Availability: Network of factory supported service branches
  • Warranty Coverage: Three year warranty

Advance’s Dry Bulk Tanks and Trailers stand apart from the competition.

Designed and tested for extreme operations in northern Canadian winter conditions and rough road operations.

Specialty and Unique Engineering and Manufacturing features include:

  • Ultra-clean designs without internal ribs, rings or reinforcements.
    Engineered clean internal designs means no hangups, pockets, or dead areas that trap product.
    Advance trailers offer a more complete discharge and easy and rapid clean-outs between products.
  • Standard True 45Degree Slope Design
  • Rapid Unloading Times
    Design, Engineering and carefully selected and installed aeration means faster unloading times.
  • Vacuum Relief Protection
  • Maximized Engineered Load Weight Distribution
    Careful attention to load weight distribution design for level loading patterns, safer operation and more efficient unloading cycles.
  • Easy to Use and Train Control Systems
    Logical, common sense, ergonomic, easy to use, valve control systems for increased safety and driver retention.
  • Super Duty I-Beam Frames
    Heavy duty engineering and frame components for trailer durability.