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A better product for the market

All of our designs are crafted & engineered for a lowest total cost of ownership.

Just like a car, the total cost of ownership is not only the initial purchase price but also the expenses incurred through its lifetime such as repairs, fuel, unload time and longevity. Every piece of equipment designed and built at Advance Engineered Products conveys a lowest total cost of ownership through our innovative engineering, top quality workmanship and highest level of warranty in the industry.


We reset the bar in the tank industry by using top quality material, industry best craftsmanship and advanced engineering to create the best product on the market.


Decrease catastrophic accident costs by reducing rollover risk with our new lower Centre of Gravity trailer designs.


Market best lower weight designs, decreases trailer tare and increases topline revenue on payload.

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30 Years of innovative design solutions built in and for the extreme operating conditions of remote Canadian locations.

Distribution: Michigan



  • Designs built and tested with customers for over 30 years
  • Tough Durable Designs: Full ¼” Aluminum plate, Fully Welded Collars and Outriggers
  • Ease of Operation and Service: Side mounted extruded aluminum wiring harness for ease of access and trouble shooting
  • Warranty Coverage: Three year warranty

Specialty and Unique Engineering and Manufacturing features include:

  • Extreme light weight, and aerodynamic low profile designs
  • Durable asymmetrical profile selections
  • Fully reinforced baffle openings for superior tank longevity
  • Unique tank head and baffle designs eliminates stiffeners, saves weight and reduces maintenance

Advanced Engineered Tanks & Trailers for the USA

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